RTC Event: The Vine Project w/ Colin Marshall

March 15, 2017 RTC Event: The Vine Project w/ Colin Marshall

On 1 May, RTC will provide a one-day training event for leaders in churches and ministries around Melbourne. Delivered by one of the authors of ‘The Vine Project’, Colin Marshall will speak about creating a disciple-making culture.

Colin will address the two key factors that drive profound change in church culture:
1. The core biblical convictions that we must crystallise, teach, fight for, and constantly permeate through every activity of our church or ministry; and

2. The process or framework that will shift the whole culture of your congregation to reflect those disciple-making convictions.

This event is intended for pastors, church leaders and ministry workers. We encourage you to come and bring your team with you.

Time: 10.00am to 3.30pm with lunch provided

Venue: RTC Melbourne Campus; Level 3, 221 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC


$70 per person (Individual)

$60 per person (group of 3 or more)

Booking: Online at