Captivated: Understanding the World Our Kids Live In

There’s no doubt our kids live in a complicated world. Many of them live technology and social-media saturated lives. They are bombarded by the images of our sexualised culture. They are needing to navigate issues of identity, digital relationships, sexual orientation, gender, and purpose we’d barely heard of just a few years ago. In fact, as parents and teachers, we often struggle to understand them and their world. With so much vying for their hearts, how can they be captivated by the things of God? And what can we do to help them not only survive but thrive?

Captivated is a one-day seminar designed to equip and encourage Christian parents and teachers understand the world their kids live in, and help them live in it well.


Captivated Hearts | Murray Capill

Murray Capill will help us understand how our hearts are hard-wired to be captivated. If they’re not captivated God, they’ll be captivated by God-substitutes. Murray is Principal of RTC, and a lecturer, preacher, and author of The Heart is the Target.

Captivated by Technology | Chris Parker

Chris Parker will explore the complexities of our technological world and how to help our children navigate them with wisdom. Our hearts are shaped by technology; how captivated will we become? Chris is the professional learning coordinator for Christian Education National, and author of The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on work, technology, sex, stuff, truth, and happiness.

Captivated by Sexuality | Michelle Dempsey

Michelle Dempsey will speak about issues of body image and sexuality, and how we can assist our children in navigating the hypersexualised and consumerist world that so easily captivates us and them. Michelle is a concerned mum and the CEO of Christian Education National.


DATES: 23 March 2019
TIME: 9am - 4pm
Morning tea and lunch provided.
VENUE: RTC Melbourne Campus; Level 3, 221 Queen Street Melbourne
COST: $85
Online via the CEN website: