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2017 On-Campus Study Options

melbourne CBD options

Level 3, 221 Queen st


RTC has some great options for study at our new Melbourne campus  in Semester 1 2017. If you are about to begin study, why not begin with one or more of these?

Old Testament Foundations

Providing a great overview of the first half of the OT (Genesis to 2 Kings).

You can take this course on Tuesdays from 10.00am – 1.00pm, or straight after work, 5.45pm – 7.45pm with a third hour online. Taught by Rev John de Hoog, the evening class is a great option for people who work or live in the city.

Christian Worldview

This will be a dynamic subject taught by a team of experts who will examine Christian perspectives not only on life and the world, but on topics like education, the arts, the new atheism, other religions, and Melbourne culture. Classes are held on Thursdays, 1.00pm – 4.00pm.


A very practical course on sharing your faith, offered on Thursday mornings by Dr Phillip Scheepers (9.00am – 12.00pm).

Christian Worship

A great subject for pastors, worship leaders and church members who want to think through the complexity of contemporary worship on the basis of a strong biblical and historical understanding of reformed worship. Dr Murray Capill will teach this unit as an intensive, from 15-19 May, with some online teaching in advance.

New Testament Greek

Here’s a unique chance to learn the language the NT was written in. On Wednesdays Dr Martin Williams will equip students with the basic tools for translating biblical Greek, laying a foundation for a deeper exploration of the NT.

Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts

In this intensive, taught from 15-19 May, Dr Phillip Scheepers will provide an introduction to the faith and practice of Islam from a Christian standpoint with a view to equipping students to integrate these perspectives into their outreach ministry.

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Additional study opPortunities

In addition to these subjects, we are also offering units in Theology (Grace and Eschatology) with Dr Karl Deenick, Preaching, with Dr Murray Capill, The Fourth Gospel with Dr Martin Williams, and Principles and Practice of OT Exegesis, with Rev John de Hoog.

All units can be taken toward a diploma, undergraduate degree, graduate degree or gradate diploma. All awards are accredited by the Australian College of Theology. Classes begin on 21 February.

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audit options

If you are not wanting a degree or diploma, you could consider being an “audit” student (with no assessment or academic credit) for just $300/unit.

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