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Jesus and the Gospels

This unit provides an overview of the Gospels, examining how they came to be, how they are best understood, and how their authors highlight the life and significance of Jesus of Nazareth.

Christianity in History from 1550 to Modern Times

Christianity in History from 1550 to Modern Times, surveys the major phases and developments in Christian history from the time of the Reformation, with a view to applying these perspectives to current issues in ministry and the contemporary world.

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New Testament Greek A

Here’s a unique chance to learn the language the NT was written in. Dr Martin Williams will equip students with the basic tools for translating biblical Greek, laying a foundation for a deeper exploration of the NT.

Live Online: Thursdays from 9:00AM to 1:40PM.

The Fourth Gospel (English and Greek)

Dr Martin Williams will guide this exploration of John’s Gospel, its theological message, and its great subject, Jesus Christ.

Live Online: Tuesdays from 10:00AM to 1:00PM, includes an additional hour for Greek students.

Principles and Practice of Old Testament Exegesis

Rev John de Hoog will teach this unit that is designed for students who already know Hebrew and are developing exegesis skills for teaching and preaching the OT.

Live Online: Tuesdays from 2:40PM to 5:40PM.

The Practice of Preaching

Dr Murray Capill conducts this weekly preaching workshop for preachers. 
Live Online: Wednesdays from 2:15PM to 4:15PM.

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We will offer three intensives in semester one. The first begins the week prior to the start of lectures, between the 11th and 15th February.

We'll also run two more intensives from the 6th – 10th May with preliminary online work, and further assessment afterwards.

The Knowledge of God

Lead by Dr Peter Adam and Dr Martin Williams, this unit will help you build key foundations for theological study through an exploration of how we know God, how God reveals himself, and how this knowledge benefits us and helps others to know Him.

Christian Worship

Christian Worship, with Dr Murray Capill, is a great subject for pastors, worship leaders and church members who want to think through the complexity of contemporary worship on the basis of a strong biblical and historical understanding of reformed worship.

Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts

Ideal for anyone with a heart and calling to reach people of Islamic faith with the gospel. Dr Phillip Scheepers will lead this intensive and help develop your understanding of the Islamic worldview, its practice and diversity in the contemporary world, with additional emphases on forms of Christian witness among Muslim people and the growth of Christianity in the Islamic world.

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