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RTC has some great options for study at our Melbourne campus  in Semester 2, 2019. If you are about to begin study, why not take up one or more of these?

Old Testament Prophets and Writings

Providing a great overview of the second half of the OT (Chronicles to Malachi). You can take this unit straight after RTC devotions on Tuesdays from 10.00am – 1.00pm.

Christianity in History to 1550

This is a great entry level unit that introduces the phases and developments in the history of Christianity and surveys the life and thought of its key figures from Pentecost through to the pre-Reformation era. Class times: Thursdays, 1:45PM to 4:45PM.

Pauline Theology and Romans (English and Greek)

Dr Martin Williams will guide this exploration of the rich themes and ideas behind Paul’s theology and examine the book of Romans and its relationship to his other Epistles. Class times: Tuesdays, 10AM to 1PM (with an extra hour from 2:40PM for Greek students).

Principles of Preaching (Intensive)

A great subject for people wanting to be equipped to preach and teach God’s Word. Students will explore the biblical basis for preaching, the basic principles of effective communication, and will be equipped with a sound method for sermon preparation. Dr Murray Capill will teach this unit as an intensive, from 26th – 30th August, with some online teaching in advance.

Church, Sacraments, and Ministry (Intensive)

This team-taught intensive, featuring presentations from Dr Martin Williams, Rev. Andrew Stewart, and Dr Karl Deenick, will focus on the theology of the church, and its ministry and relation to the kingdom of God. A great unit for anyone wanting to think more deeply about the doctrine, life and ministry of the church.

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Additional study opPortunities

In addition to these subjects, we are also offering units in The Psalms, as well as units for continuing students in NT Greek and Preaching.

All units can be taken toward a diploma, undergraduate degree, graduate degree or gradate diploma. All awards are accredited by the Australian College of Theology. Classes begin on 23rd July.

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audit options

If you are not wanting a degree or diploma, you could consider being an “audit” student (with no assessment or academic credit) for just $300/unit.

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