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The RTC offers short courses throughout the year so as to equip people for Christian life and local church ministry. They are open to anyone – you don’t need to be academically inclined to attend!

Most courses are held on Tuesday evenings over a five week period.

Short courses offer the opportunity to:

  • Get to know and love God more through study of his Word.
  • Enjoy learning from some great teachers, including past RTC faculty and guest lecturers who are experts in their field and full of valuable experience and ideas.
  • Discover new areas of Christian study you have not pursued before.
  • Meet and enjoy fellowship with Christians from other churches.
  • See what it’s like to study at the college.
  • Join a forum to workshop ideas relating to your faith.
  • Develop skills that will help you live well as a Christian in our culture, confident in knowing what you believe and able to respond to the questions your friends or family might have.

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RTC Short Course - Term 4 2018



The first five books of the Bible, also called "the Five Books of Moses" or "the Pentateuch," set the foundations for the rest of the Old Testament and for the Bible as a whole. These are books Jesus read and quoted in his teaching. A study of these five books reveals the startling importance for us of books that are nearly three and a half thousand years old.


  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
Rev John de Hoog


RTC Lecturer in Old Testament
Rev de Hoog trained at the RTC - receiving his BD in 1991. John also possesses a BA (Hons) from the University of Tasmania, a MA (Theology) from Moore College, and a MTh through the ACT with a thesis on the canonical function of Psalm 119 in Book V of the Psalter. He is originally from Tasmania, but has also ministered in CRCA churches in Sydney, Canberra and Geelong. John is married to Sallee and they have four sons and eight grandchildren.


9, 16, 23, 30 October &
6 November
Time: 7 - 9.15pm
Location: RTC Resource Centre (Geelong)

Please note: this course is not accredited with the Australian College of Theology and is offered on a non-credit basis in the interests of personal and spiritual growth.

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