RTC Elders' Retreat

March 26, 2020 RTC Elders

Elders are shepherds of the flock, and shepherds must lead the flock. But what kind of leadership are elders called to give? How are they to relate to other leaders in the church? Do they need the gift of leadership or is godly character the only qualification? How can good leadership be given by a team?

RTC’s 2020 Elders’ Retreat will explore these questions from the Scriptures, equipping elders and eldership teams to be biblical leaders of the church. This half-day webinar is designed for eldership teams to attend together virtually, allowing time for team processing of the input on the day. It is also ideal training for potential elders.


DATE: Saturday 16 May
TIME: 10am-2.30pm (AEST), 8am-12.30pm (AWST)
APP: Zoom Video Webinars
COST: $15 

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