Semester 2 Study @ RTC

June 12, 2020 Semester 2 Study @ RTC

RTC is currently accepting semester 2 enrolments into all our course streams to start Tuesday 21 July. Are you, or is someone you know, exploring options for theological study? RTC offers a large range of study streams and study modes to suit many of life’s circumstances.

Subjects Available in Semester 2

On-Campus + Live Streamed
  • The Early New Testament Church
  • The Continental Reformation
  • Theology: The Doctrine of God and the Work of Christ
  • Principles of Leadership and Management
  • Living Faiths
On-Campus Intensive
  • Pastoral Ministry in Reformed Churches
  • Old Testament Prophets and Writings
  • Christianity in History to 1550 
For more information, including unit summaries, visit the Semester 2 Study Options section on our website.

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