Preaching with an Accent: Biblical Genres for Australian Congregations

Capill, M. MacBride, T. Martine, E. Redwood, C. Cohen, DJ. Pakula, M. Patson, KR. Salier, B. Harris, B. Patrick, T. Rader, M. Raiter, M.

Price: $30.00

20th Century Theology

Grenz, Stanley J.

Price: $15.00

The Message of John (BST)

Milne, Bruce

Price: $15.00

Luke - Historian and Theologian

Marshall, I. H.

Price: $12.00

Ethics - 2nd edition

Holmes, Arthur F.

Price: $10.00

The Church is Bigger Than You Think

Johnstone, Patrick

Price: $12.00

A Crash Course on the New Age

Miller, Elliot

Price: $25.00

Mission Minded

Bolt, Peter

Price: $10.00

Evangelistic Calvinism

Benton, John

Price: $3.00

Worship Old and New

Webber, Robert

Price: $9.00

Interpreting the Psalms

Futato, Mark

Price: $18.00

John (Tyndale)

Kruse, Colin G.

Price: $10.00

Passing the Baton

Marshall, Colin

Price: $12.00

Creeds of the Churches

Leith, John H.

Price: $18.00

Studying the Synoptic Gospels

Stein, Robert H.

Price: $18.00

Don't Miss the Mark

Faase, Karl

Price: $5.01

Christianity in Culture

Kraft, Charles H.

Price: $4.99

The King of God's Kingdom

Seccombe, David

Price: $12.00

Revolution of Character

Willard, Dallas

Price: $7.00

The Story of the Church

Renwick, A. M. 

Price: $12.00


Faw, Harold W.

Price: $12.00

Praying at Burger King

Mouw, Richard J.

Price: $8.00

Recalling the Hope of Glory

Ross, Allen P.

Price: $20.00

Perspectives - 3rd Edition

Winter, Ralph D.

Price: $12.00

Christian Apologetics

Geisler, Norman L.

Price: $22.00

Strategic Pastoral Counseling

Benner, David G.

Price: $12.00

Skilful Shepherds

Tidball, Derek

Price: $15.00

The Shaping of Things to Come

Frost, Michael

Price: $10.00

The Text of the New Testament

Metzger, Bruce

Price: $25.00

The Jesus I Never Knew

Yancey, Philip

Price: $8.00

Jesus and the Gospels

Blomberg, Craig

Price: $18.00

Paul: An Outline of His Theology

Ridderbos, Herman

Price: $22.00

Handbook of Biblical Criticism

Soulen, Richard

Price: $10.00


Willimon, William

Price: $15.00