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Bachelor Degrees

The Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Ministry degrees (conferred by the Australian College of Theology) are intended to equip students with the necessary biblical, theological and practical skills necessary for Christian ministry or further academic study. They are three year full-time (or equivalent) courses, though students who complete a fourth year of study may receive the BTh-BMin double degree.

The Bachelor of Christian Studies degree (conferred by the Australian College of Theology) is obtained through two years of study at the RTC combined with one year’s study at an Australian University.

The Bachelor of Christian Studies will give students a strong Christian foundation in preparation for teaching, social work and other non-theological professions. The degree aims to introduce students to the sources and content of the Christian story and message so as to enable them to apply a Christian perspective and commitment to their life in the world, including their professional and vocational life.

The following are courses of the Australian College of Theology