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All students must complete 96 credit points (i.e., 24 units).

The core units, to be completed by BChrStuds students, comprise:

  • Old Testament Introduction - 8 cps (2 units), OT301, OT302
  • New Testament Introduction - 8 cps (2 units), NT301, NT302
  • Church History - 4 cps (1 unit), one of CH301, CH302, or CH305.
  • Theology - 4 cps (1 unit) from TH401–TH404

In addition, BChrStuds students require:

  • At least one year full time equivalent (32 credit points) of degree level study in a non-theological field of which at least 75% (24 points) must form a coherent area of study in a distinct non-theological area of study, e.g., business, psychology, physical sciences, comparative religions. This study would be part of an accredited non-theological degree at an Australian university and would preferably be done simultaneously with the study of the ACT units;
  • 8 credit points in OT and/or NT exegesis;
  • 8 credit points in Church History and/or Theology;
  • 4 credit points of independent study that relates the student’s non-theological area of study to the Christian faith (IN490);
  • 20 cps in Elective units, including a maximum of 8 cps Type B Electives

No more than 28 cps of foundational level units can be counted in a student’s course of study. Biblical language units (LA0**) are excluded from this requirement.


  • Students may not enrol in more than 20 cps per semester,
  • Greek or Hebrew exegesis units require the completion of 8 cp of Hebrew or Greek language units.
  • Advanced (400) level units may be taken only when the pre-requisite units have been completed or co-requisite units are taken concurrently.

The Bachelor of Christian Studies is a course of the Australian College of Theology 

entrance requirements

The degree is open as a first degree to persons who have achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score of at least 65 or its local or overseas equivalent. Consideration will be given to other factors such as practical experience, maturity and motivation, and the likelihood of satisfactory completion of the academic requirements of the course.

Except for those candidates who have a tertiary qualification taught in English or have been an Australian resident with English being the language spoken at home for ten or more years, international candidates whose first language is not English will be required to sit an IELTS test. For candidates wishing to enrol in the BChrStuds, an IELTS result of 6.5 is required with a minimum of 6.5 in each subtest.

Provisional mature age entry is available for candidates aged 21 or over.

modes of study

Each semester the RTC will offer a range of units that are taught on campus, online, or through a combination of both. Bachelor of Christian Studies students may complete the requirements for their award through any combination of these.

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fees and fee assistance

A schedule of fees can be found here.

Units Available

For a listing of units available at the RTC that may count toward the BChrStuds, please consult the RTC Registrar.

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