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Graduate Certificate of Divinity

Students with an undergraduate degree can enrol for the Graduate Certificate in Divinity. This award requires six months of full time study or the equivalent part-time.

The Graduate Certificate introduces students to the sources and content of the Christian story and message, with a view to training them to apply it in the contemporary world. It provides a foundation of knowledge and skills for Christian ministry, but not necessarily of the breadth and depth required for ministry ordination.

Course Content - Graduate Certificate

  • The Graduate Certificate consists of 4 units (48 cps).
  • Students must complete two core units within the fields of Biblical Studies, Old or New Testament, Biblical Languages, Theology, Christianity in History, or Philosophy and Ethics.
  • In addition, Graduate Certificate students complete two units from any field.
  • Students should discuss their desired program and unit selection with the registrar before enrolling in a course.


  • Advanced level units may be taken only when the pre-requisite units have been completed or co-requisite units are taken concurrently

The Graduate Certificate of Divinity is a course of the Australian College of Theology 

Modes of Study

Each semester the RTC will offer a range of units that are taught on campus, online, or through a combination of both. Graduate Certificate students may complete the requirements for their award through any combination of these.

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Entrance requirements

Entry to the Graduate Certificate of Divinity normally requires the completion of a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Fees and fee assistance

A schedule of fees can be found here.

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